Shall we look for love, wait for love or forget totally about it?

All love is good and this is regardless of how or where it comes from

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Do you like high heels?

Yes, it let's me looks so tal and good looking.

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What fruit do you eat the most often?

Clementines because they are so good portions packed

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Xbox or PlayStation?

Games on the computer and tablet

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Planning a new upcoming ebook for charity to the homeless people at The fundraising for charity projects

Now today, I have started on the planning of a new book:

- About how to make a social class trip as a person backwards in today's society.

Plus the idea behind this book is that profits will go towards helping the people who are homeless and so on.

Do you also want to help and do some good work for those homeless people too?

Then you can sign up and become a proofreader of this new upcoming e-book.
You just send me an email at post@annaasp.com and type "proofreader" in the subject field, and you are also included in and helping The fundraising for charity projects.


There will be more information soon here

I work with to complete the information, and it is coming up soon here.

Best regards

Anna Asp


Help me with recipes of genuine old traditional Swedish food and cooking recipes

I need your help now to make a cookbook with old recipes of traditional genuine Swedish food.

If you get involve and help me out now and send in your own traditional Swedish recipe here.

I will publish it under the heading Recipes of traditional Swedish food om my page here where I have more then 10 000 readers and followers today, and I will put your name and a link to you internet page together whit your recipe.

After that I will also make a cookbook of this Swedish old recipes and distribution it out to more than lot of billion people on Sony bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple iBook, Kobo, Diesel bookstore, Page Foundry books, Baker & Taylor Blio, Library Direct, Baker-Taylor bookstore, Axis 360 bookstore.

I will also send a copy of the recipe book to you, as an thanks for you has helping me out with the recipe.

Mark and cut out the text down here, and after that past this text it in an e-mail and fill it out with your own recipe, and send it to me at post@annaasp.com, and many thanks in advance for all your help.

Name of the course:

Number of servings:


Description how to do it:

You are free to leave your name and a link to you here:

I need your email address here so I can post the recipe book to you, but I will not publish your e-mail:

What type of dish is it: Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert, Cakes and Pastries,

Please do not forget to send a picture, that's I can use to show how the dish should look like!


You as a reader: Can now join here and contribute with your own ideas to the story!

This will make a big influence on the whole outcome of storytelling at the stories here, and in the new upcoming storybooks that will coming out of it.

How should I do it? It's easy! Just open an email and write briefly about your ideas.

As an example: Can you write about how you think the whole story will continue to develop further in future. Or you can write about what a specific person in the story should get to do, or what will happen to this person and so on.

The most scenes and the events in my fictional novels and other books takes very often place at locations in both the region of Skåne in Sweden and at the region in Själland of Denmark, and you can see all this places by clicking on the following city names here: Örkelljunga, Båstad, TorekovHallands Väderö, Ängelholm, Kullaberg, Höganäs, Helsingborg, Helsingör, Bjuv, ÅstorpLandskrona, Ven, Malmö and Copenhagen.

I am look forward to get all your proposed interesting ideas, and suggestions at my e-mail on post@annaasp.com.

To read the current story, and to contribute with your ideas to this story, click here!


My own published audiobooks

Here, I will convert and upload my books as audiobooks.

Which will make it able for you to download and listen to my audio books on your smartphone, ipod, etc..


My book reviews of other books and authors

Here under this heading "My own book reviews of other books and authors."

Will I write about other authors books that I have read, and I will write the review of what I think about it, and perhaps it can be something good och interesting also for you to read in the end.

Then are you a author or writer? Let me know if you want me to read and review your book right here to my readers.

Do not hesitate to contact me here at post@annaasp.com.


This is the only completely open transparent fundraising of charity projects

The plan for The fundraising of charity projects will be the unique only completely open transparent fundraising of charity projects where you will be able to track your own donations all the way to the needy receivers that's in distress.

More info about the elaboration of The fundraising of charity projects. I will be continuously put up and posts under this headlin here at The fundraising of charity projects.


As a company: Can you now be smart and promote your own brands to the readers in the stories here, and in the new upcoming storybooks that will coming out of it.

As a company: Can you now be smart and promote your own brands to the readers in the stories here, and in the new upcoming storybooks that will coming out of it.

As an example of a book chapter: Peter has agreed to carry out the advanced secret mission. But to succeed with the mission. He must first plan, what he needs to purchase for different equipment. So he decides to start first with going have lunch at his regular place Lagmarks. Because it serves his favorite dish: The duck breast in mushroom nest.
Meanwhile, as he waits to get his food. He start makeing a list of everything that he needs to be purchased for whole secret mission. He writes evrything down at a list in his new Iphons 5s that he had ordered and received from Dustin.se for a week ago.
When he finish his lunch and shopping list. He goes off to Statoil for renting a car to get to the location of their secret mission. When Peter has hired the absolute cheapest car that Statoil could offer. He starts right on the long stretch of the road trip that he must doing. Before he will arrives at the place where his secret missions must be performed.

As a sponsor of my stories. I will give you the following:
  • All those different characters in the novels here. Will buy and use both your goods and services throughout the story, and in that way they will market them for you.
  • You can both promote specific individual products and services, and your brand in general, and as you can see in each example above.
  • Your brand and goods and services will be exposed twice.
  • First, to all my readers here and in my soicla media channels that are approximately 10 000 today, and this because the story will be posted here first.
  • When the whole story is complete. Will I published it as an e-book with your links in the text to your brand. This will look and work exactly as they do in the above example, even in an e-book. 
  • Plus, all my e-books will be published on all those largest e-book portals, which together have a lot of billion users today.
  • And as a sponsor, you are also helping to support and assist both the culture and the literature. 
  • Since your contribution will make considerably big difference when it contributes to increasing the diversity of littratur, which will be published to all the various possible readers. This is because most of our writers today. Can not afford to publish their own books, and almost none of the authors can not even support themselves on their own handicraft as a writer. 
  • In the end, you will get many new customers and happy employees. Since your company has now demonstrated that it takes a very important and great social responsibility. By supporting both culture and literature for all these people. 
  • Plus the book that you have sponsored may also be used in your own promotional material as evidence. On that you are now a very well-known and well spoken brand for many people in the market and worldwide.
  • In the long run, your participation in the book. Will do that more people will seek employment in your company, and this will result in that you will find and get more qualified and competent personnel and to your business in the end.
Therefore, never hesitate or think about whether you should contact me or not here on my email at post@annaasp.com. When you want to discuss if you can get to become a sponsor of my stories that I publish here and at my e-books.


About Sweden is my series of non-fiction books, which contain exclusively and solely focused on everything of Sweden

I'm a huge fan of and a very good expert on Sweden, and especially on those southern part which is called the Skåne region that you see on the map here.

On the domain with the same subtitle here, and right through the whole book series About Sweden. I am only write and exclusively about, and you will find all information about, and you can also follow everything that deals about, and has to do About Sweden.

All these books in the series About Sweden has and deals with various topics about Sweden. But all these books are very easy to find. Because all of they always have a Swedish flag on the book cover in this e-book series.

And if you have any questions about Sweden? You can always send me an email at post@annaasp.com, and then I will try to help you out with answering your questions about Sweden.